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Trendy Sconces

Pigeon Toe
I recently stumbled upon this great ceramic company by the name Pigeon Toe. Their table top accessories as well as their lighting are hand crafted beautifully out of ceramics. These sconces in particular mimic delicate earrings the way they are adorned with gold, beads, saucers and contrasting hardware. I can't wait to see more designs they introduce to their line. Check them out now while these beauties are on sale! 

Apparatus Studio 
Recently I fell in love with this innovative lighting line called Apparatus Studio. Their designs are futuristic, retro but mostly one of a kind. These sconces I absolutely adore which can be installed pretty much in any space inside your home. You can stagger these down a grand hallway, opposite sides of a bathroom vanity, or above your bedside tables. The options are endless when it comes to design and this line gives the modern consumer just enough variety. Check them out! You won't be disappointed! 

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