Highpoint Market 2017 Review

This past week we decended upon Highpoint, North Carolina for the biggest furniture market in the United States. Twice a year we attend the market looking for upholstery, lighting and accessories for our showroom floor and design clients. Market is such a great place to get a clear mind, inspiration and insight into the upcoming design trends .
The first day we hit the ground running at around 6:30 am catching shuttles and hopping from showroom to showroom. Highpoint is such a small furniture hub but several of the showrooms are spread out including our favorites such as Thayer Coggin, Highland House, Henredon and Century Furniture. Most of the showrooms did not disappoint with new fabric introductions, lots of color and mix of materials. We saw a lot of rattan (very Golden Girls, or Boca Raton I should say), Mid Century modern frames, industrial lighting, metallic fabrics, blush and jewel tones. 
Being from the South, it's common to see homes with the typical "taupe & jute" vibe. Finally, we now believe that trend is dying out. Less showrooms are keeping it safe and more are beginning to push the envelope in hopes to intrigue the younger audience/buyers. Millennials are the future and in order to compete with online retailers, vendors have to stay on top of being relevant and accessible. Licensed  designers in many of the showrooms we visited had a personal aesthetic and point they want to get across. The vibe we got which we've always tried to instill is very eclectic. You have to mix old with the new to give the look of evolution and style. It's the only way to live :) 

Lady Eclectic 


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